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Over 8 million people are affected by peripheral vascular disease. This condition can lead to such things as heart attack, stroke and possible amputation if left untreated. PVD typically starts with a fatty build up clogging the artery. This is the main cause, but it is not the only possible cause. Other factors are age, obesity, smoking and being diabetic. Any one of these factors can lead to PVD, but combining one or more puts you at an even greater risk. While PVD primarily affects the heart, the arteries in the legs are at the top of the list, also. The fatty buildup blocks proper blood flow and creates a numb feeling. If left untreated, or ignored, over time the body begins to die.

While peripheral vascular disease can be a scary diagnosis, catching it early and treating it are the best ways to keep yourself healthy. If you are over the age of 60, have an above normal BMI, are a smoker, are diabetic, or any combination of these, then please call and schedule a PVR test. This test, performed in our office, will help us ascertain if you have any problems with the blood flow in your legs. It can give you peace of mind or tip you off to a problem you would have otherwise been unaware of. Call and schedule a PVR test today! 






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