We are very excited to receive our new Cutera laser in our Huber Heights office! This is one of the most high-tech lasers on the market. The reason that we at Advanced Foot and Ankle Care purchased this laser is because this particular laser can do things that others cannot. This laser can eliminate unsightly veins in the legs and arms without burning the skin. It passes through the skin cauterizing the small vessels making them disappear before your very eyes. Another reason that we purchased the Cutera Xeo is its ability to kill fungus in toenails without harming the tissues that it passed through. This is performed without the use of anesthesia and little to no pain usually in one treatment. The reception if this laser has been phenomenal. Its ability to do things that other lasers cannot do has been unparalleled in the field of lasers in the last 20 years. This is the most exciting innovation yet! Many of the lesser expensive lasers create additional heat and have only a one to two millimeter spot size. The Xeo has a variable spot size up to 10mm, making its efficiency to clear lesions unbeaten. Additionally, spots and varicose veins disappear before your very eyes. To accomplish these feats, a very specific wavelength of light is utilized in a highly focused manner, requiring a very sophisticated patented computerized feedback mechanisms to assure that tissue is not being over heated or harmed, only targeting the pathologic tissues. Additionally, this laser is capable of reducing the size and appearance of scars almost instantaneously. As far as we know, we are the only office in the state of Ohio to have such a laser that can perform all of the above functions without harming the adjacent tissues targeting only what we want to remove while leaving a very satisfactory result.

By Dr. Eric Polansky







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