One of the most common types of aliment we see at Advanced Foot and Ankle Care is diabetes. While it is common knowledge that diabetes can cause foot issues or make existing issues worse, many diabetics do not realize how much diabetes can affect your feet. Diabetes can cause neuropathy, which dulls the feeling to your feet. This can lead to cuts or open wounds on the feet going unnoticed. These cuts or wounds can then get infected. Due to poor circulation in the feet, it can take a lot for these infections to heal.

Along this same idea, we encourage people with diabetes to always cut their toenails straight across. We offer nail trims for our diabetic patients as a way to help make sure that their nails do not become ingrown and that no nicks or cuts occur that could lead to an infection. We also take care of calluses. Our diabetic patients are more prone to calluses as they often have high pressure areas on the bottom of the foot.

If you are or someone you know suffers from diabetes, and you do not have a podiatrist, please give our office a call. Our doctors will work with you and your primary doctor to make sure that your feet are taken care of.







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